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J.Roach Presentations
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The person

Drawing from life and giving others the opportunity to learn with us, is a core attribute of J.Roach Presentations. Jarell says, "our service must require restoring the honor & dignity to humanity. By applying our minds within the purpose of everyday life, we believe that we can be partakers of an emerging culture of thinkers & doers that truly desire to see the best in others without any strings attached."

He serves as Campus Life Director with the Youth For Christ movement, overseeing multiple ministry sites in his home town. He also represents the organization as one of its national camp speakers (www.goyfc.org). For nearly two decades he and his family have served as members of the Nebraska Air Force Reserve, completing two tours of duty.

A natural-born comedian and speaker, J.Roach is using his gift to encourage, equip, and entertain others everywhere he goes.

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The purpose

J.Roach rolls out an "E3" style of presenting, which intends to ENCOURAGE, ELEVATE, & ENTERTAIN the communities of people he serves. The JRP Team wants to work with you to shift your community to the next level! BOOM! J.Roach Presentations is a conglomeration of artistic expressions conveyed through teaching, preaching, emceeing, comedy, and more. Presentations range from panels, on-stage productions, stand-up comedy, teaching, sermon series, talks, and interviews.   

While there is such a bombardment of negative opinions & views, J.Roach Presentations is engineered to provide its communities with something fresh and uplifting! We SPEAK life in order to GIVE life to others. Now, having shared more than 3,400 presentations, we are ready to accomplish more than ever before!


Campus Life

We go where kids are! These are our people! They are 100% of our future and nothing less. CAMPUS LIFE is a high energy club that traditionally meets once per week with middle and high school students. "Campus Life ministry combines healthy relationships with creative programs to help young people make good choices, establish a solid foundation for life, and positively impact their schools. Like every ministry of YFC, Campus Life seeks to engage these young people wherever they are found as lifelong followers of Jesus Christ." Relational equity is where its at! Building lasting bonds and investing in the hope of our future--our youth.

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We have the honor of partnering with other like-minded organizations in order to love our youth in a greater capacity, all while pointing our youth towards a life-long relationship with the greatest leader of all times--Jesus Christ! Please visit www.goyfc.org to learn more about Campus Life and the Greater Omaha Youth For Christ chapter.


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